Catholic Stewardship Renewal

As we walk through each pillar of stewardship, September is dedicated to the Pillar of Formation.

As a Diocesan family, we are embarking on our first Catholic Stewardship Renewal in all parishes in the diocese.  This is a spiritual journey of discerning one’s TIME in prayer by attending Mass regularly and on Holy Days and having a daily conversation with God.  This spiritual renewal also involves discerning one’s TALENT or gifts that God has given each of us.  How will you use those gifts in love of God and neighbor?  And it is about TREASURE: everything we are, everything we have comes from God and out of gratitude we give back to our parish family in support of the mission of our church.

This Catholic Stewardship Renewal small group study (or you can do it on your own) follows a conversation about stewardship between a married couple, James and Lisa. Lisa, who is in the process of becoming Catholic, is referring to notes from her recent RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) class. The Catholic Stewardship Renewal mirrors the annual Easter celebration, where we renew our baptismal promises and rejuvenate our faith. It enables us to actively demonstrate our belonging and support to the parish family.

Please take this time to be more informed about the WHY of Catholic Stewardship Renewal and pray about how you will participate through your time, talent and treasure.

You can download the booklets at