RCIA Catechists Needed

Every year we are blessed with people who come to join our faith. The process we use to educate them and join them to our faith community is the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA). We need more catechists for the program. We begin in September with Inquiry; where we learn the basics of Catholicism and have a weekly opportunity to ask questions. Around Christmas or New Years, we progress to the Catechumenate, where sponsors join in the faith growing process. Ultimately, we welcome our new Catholics at the Easter Vigil. Catechists are needed for every part of the process. We’ve had individuals serve the entire class year, and those who taught in either the fall or spring “semester”. We are looking for people who can make that commitment, but also those who can commit to perhaps a month. We use an excellent guide from Ligouri Publications as the basis of each class, and have frequent guest speakers with expertise in particular subjects. Whether you are a cradle Catholic or a convert to the faith who has gone through RCIA yourself, you have knowledge and perspective to give those discerning their walk of faith. Many catechists say they are amazed at how much THEY learn by participating. Fall classes are held on a weeknight. Winter/Spring classes begin with 9:00 a.m. Mass on Sunday, followed by class. Classes typically last an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes. People with experience are there to help new catechists. Please consider joining us in this important work. If you have questions or want to volunteer, Contact Roberta Broker at (573) 636 – 6903. Thank you and may God bless you.